Dev-Log #23 – Ethan Whiting – The End of a Co-op

The Final Report

As Spring break comes, my 6 month co-op is coming to an end. My experience working as an intern for DVNC was unexpected yet helpful to my career as a whole. The main takeaway from any internship would be to experience your desired industry up close rather than through classes. For DVNC, this has certainly been the case. I was able to experience what an indie studio like DVNC has to do to operate successfully. From publisher materials to marketing, there is much more to running a game design company than just “design”. I especially found these aspects to be helpful to me since I am hoping to start my own studio one day.

Airtable and Canva

For my final week of my co-op, I finished up the Instagram posts for Rosett on Canva. I just formatted our existing Rosett concept art to be ready for Instagram. For the one that you see above, I took different assets such as the title and the characters to give it that “movie poster” feel. I also messed with gradients and layering to give the rose creature a mysterious fog.

I also was working on the Airtable under Lilly to start picking up the tasks of the Game Management position. She showed me around the process for schedule TikTok posts for the Monochrome RPG account. This week I have been looking through that and scheduling new posts.

Windows 96

Windows 96 is this really awesome Youtube channel with a collection of high quality music. All of this music would fall into the category of vaporwave? I am not really sure. I used to listen to this channel all the time when I would study in high school and now I am back for more. If you like moody synth and melancholy beats, check this channel out!

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