What’s Been Going On

I haven’t had a lot on my plate over this past week so I’ve just been working on and polishing the Game Design Workbook. There isn’t really much to update as I’ve just been doing pretty much the same thing on it for a while albeit a little less than what I normally do just because I’ve been juggling some other pretty time-consuming things. Most of my work has been finished and is just awaiting review.

I did a little bit of further reorganization and wrote up some introductory pages for some of the sections. The organization was dealt with by reformatting the document and polishing certain things like word choice and layout. So far I have the Purpose, Design, and Art introductory sections written and laid out. I still have Writing, Programming, Music, and Testing to write and layout. They pretty much all follow the same layout with an introductory title and a little header. I’ll then explain what the sections going to be all about and what to expect at this stage in the development process. That’s pretty much all I’ve had on my plate over this last week. The website for DVNC was finished so waiting on the review on that.

What’s Next

Like always, still poking away at this workbook little by little. Also gotta mention that it’s pretty much the end of Co-op and I gotta say that I really enjoyed the time I’ve spent here at DVNC. Got to meet and work with some great people and accomplished some pretty good things. These 6 months flew by.

This Week’s Media:

Epik High – Rosario ft. CL, ZICO

Haven’t consumed too much media over this past week other than watching a little bit of Vikings every day (currently on Season 4 episode 19). Since I’ve already mentioned this previously, I’ll just share a song from Epik High, a group of Korean Hip-Hop artists that I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past couple of days.


Got in some time to paint a little environment with some dream-like imagery.

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