Finishing Up My Work

This week marks my last Dev-Log as well as my last week of my co-op experience. I think I almost forgot because this week was so normal up until yesterday when I was told to begin the off-boarding process. Before that I was pretty much just doing my normal stuff. I did my Twitter tasks as usually. Frankly, it was mostly Twitter work this past week because I had a sick day one day so I spent most of my time up until today doing that. However, after I was told to begin off-boarding, I asked if I could spend more time on the RPG Book which I got the okay on.

So today with the book I worked on finalizing Otto’s page and moving toward finalizing the Performers’ Page. Otto’s page is done and the Performer’s page is much further along. I got the general foreground/background relationship set, so now it’s just tweaking colors and images and organizing the text.

I also added those links to social media for the landing page today. Couldn’t find the TikTok one though. The rest of my day was spent doing off-boarding. Mostly I spent the time organizing and documenting all my work over the past six months which is now consolidated into one Google folder. But I also updated my resume with the important things I accomplished here. Lastly I changed my LinkedIn profile. The only thing that’s left is to add the RPG Book to the folder and to my portfolio but I’ll do that last minute.

Next Week

Well, there is no next week. More like three days. Over that period I’ll be meeting with Vince, pushing the RPG Book as far as I can, and finishing my off-boarding.


All in all, I’ve enjoyed and appreciated my time at DVNC. I really lucked out finding a co-op with like minded workers and understanding managers. I also got the pleasure of seeing some movies with my coworkers and getting unexpected holiday breaks as well as a birthday gift. I’m thankful I was able to be at DVNC not only for my first job as a Graphic Designer but for my first job overall. I consider myself very lucky and feel like I’ve learned a lot during these past six months. Thank you everyone at DVNC, it was a real pleasure getting to know you and getting to work with you.

Weekly Media

Weird to talk after a conclusion but here’s my media for the week. Surprised I’m just now seeing this but LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga looks great! Brings back a lot of memories and I’m totally gonna have to play it.

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