Dev Log #01 – Brandon Crespo – First week at DVNC

This Week

The first half of the week was prioritized on onboarding and learning the basics of everything I can that was a part of the Monochrome game in Unity. It was the first time looking at code that was not my own and organized well. I meet with the manager for code development Daye and learned what I will need to master as the weeks move on.

During onboarding, I learned the tools used by DVNC to collaborate on the projects they are creating. I also played through the current version of Monochrome to learn about what was wanted with the game and get an overall feel for the game I would be helping to make. Daye also showed the basics used to create the game including the ORK framework, the dialogue editor, and places in the Unity file that I will mostly be in the beginning. 

I think I can master all of the objects used to create the game in the weeks to come but as of right now I am just amazed at how the plug-ins work so well with the creation of the game. I was assigned to create duplicates of an enemy that can be fought and create dialogue for an NPC that can be interacted with. Another assignment was to remove an extra key the journal had that can open and close it.

Lastly, I created a quality dropdown that allowed the user to change the graphics from low to high. This last assignment took me a while since the video I used to learn how to do this required a Universal rendering pipeline. After a while of looking at how to add it or just install it, I hit a roadblock that I needed to find a new way to add this function. I soon found another video that was able to help me learn to create this feature.

Plans For Next Week

The plan for next week is to fix bugs located by playthroughs of players. Along with implementing some features players suggested. I would also like to get myself more to learn where most things are in the Unity project and familiarize myself with the ORK framework and dialogue editor.

This Week’s Media

A piece of media that I would like to share is the movie Inception. I was on the couch looking through Netflix when my roommate asked me if I watched the movie and when I said no he said that it was a great movie and I should watch it. As I started watching it everyone in the apartment sat down on the couch to also watch it. 

The movie is about a guy named Cobb that is a spy that steals information through the dreams of the victim. Cobb is wanted by the government and the story is about a job that he takes to be able to see his children back at the place he was wanted. I learned that most of the movie was made using only practical effects which was amazing because most of the scenes seemed really hard to pull off without CGI or post-production. Overall the movie Inception was the first movie in a while that I felt was amazing.

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