Dev Log #01 – Neil D

Dev-Log #1 – Neil Duan – The Start of The Co-op

This Week

The Co-Op started last on last week. I was excited to be part of the DVNC programming team and make the Monochrome RPG game. The game had already been developed for some time, so the infrastructure part is almost done. The jobs that are left are refining and bug fixing. 

I’ve been spending the week learning the project structure by reading the documentation of the used tools and making some minor changes. One of the changes was adding the fade-in and fade-out effect when Otto is teleporting. The teleportation happens instantly, which gives an abrupt feeling. Adding the fading effect makes the transition more smooth.

Next Week

Next week would be pretty much the same as this week. There were still some bugs in Otto’s house scene. The triggering of the event in the basement is not doing what it is supposed to do. I’ll have to look into the dialogue system to figure out where the problem is. Yeah. It will be pretty much the same as this week.


It’s always good to take some wise man’s advice. I couldn’t agree with him more. I have limited experience with making games; therefore, I spent the week before the Co-Op following the tutorials to make games. However, I didn’t remember anything at the end. My previous experience with learning stuff is exactly the way he suggests to do. When did I forget how to learn stuff? Humm. Let’s see at the end of the Co-Op how much I can absorb by using the way he suggests.

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