My First Week:

My first week at DVNC focused on getting situated with everything involving my COOP. I arrived as a game marketing intern and I quickly learned about my focus on managing the social media accounts with a focus on growth.

My biggest challenge with this week was becoming comfortable with all of the new tools or resources at my disposal that could be useful to my responsibilities. My focus right has been finding the most optimal way to grow and manage these social media platforms and becoming integrated with them. I’ve also spent time becoming more knowledgeable of DVNC as a company, it’s projects and what its goals are at both a company and a community.

My Plans For Next Week:

After the first week, my intentions for next week remain relatively straightforward. I’m hoping to alter the social media accounts geared towards business accounts to access better analytics, have an emphasis on polish with every post I make and lastly continue to become more comfortable with navigating between all of the resources I can access. I view these as small but very manageable and important steps.

My Choice Of Media:

For my first choice of media to share, I chose a game I’ve found to love over the past year. Hades was the first game in a long time that had me hooked and invested every step of the way and with good reason. It is a Greek mythology roguelike with a focus on Zagreus, Son of Hades, escaping the underworld by battling through all of its regions. Every aspect of this game is heavily polished ranging from the gameplay, to the art style, to the story and best of all its longevity.

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