This Week:

This week primarily focused on creating a concrete plan for the direction I wanted to take my efforts in growing the media accounts. Feeling comfortable enough with the tools, my hope was to re-explore the platforms and discover again the best ways to both reach the masses and grow an audience.

With the next week in motion, the goal is to act on these goals and push out polished posts and really strive towards growth and creating a base audience to build off of. We transitioned from three posts a day to two to avoid oversaturation and we are starting to find other examples for what we are hoping to produce to use as a strong guideline.

My Plans For Next Week:

My plans for this week are heavily focused on implementing the vision of the polished media I would like to reach. I’m aiming to have more of an emphasis on both the captions, setting in stone a time schedule since we spent the last week reconfiguring it for optimization as well as hoping to start posting more video animations.

A big focus for this week will be to start using the large amount of video assets accessible as they are a great resource to use for growing and reaching accounts. 2D Animation is heavily engaging to observe and we are hopeful for it to be a growing point.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is an extremely popular show that I have only relatively recently begun to watch, Game of Thrones. I’ve heavily enjoyed watching through the show the past month or so, recently wrapping up season five. From the multiple stories to the theming, I feel the show comes together so strongly and sets a great bar for what a medieval show should hope to be.

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