This Week

For this week I mostly created a way to close and open the quest board when you want to with a press of a button. This however caused some bugs to show up like causing the cutscenes to open a fake quest board that showed the completed quest instead of the new one. Another is the quest board not updating till you complete a task with it open.

The other thing that I did this week is learn something that I did not know about Behavior trees. I went through all the documentation of it and the videos that came with it. Some of it I don’t think I’ll use but only time will tell. With the documentation all read, I started on my task to allow the speakers in Otto’s basement to move back and forth between two points. I used the patrol node to create two points that each speaker can travel back and forth from.

Plans for next week

The plan for this week is to put everything I learned about Behavior trees to work by making patrol routes for the speakers in the basement. Along with activating the right animations of the speakers at the right times. Lastly is to fix any bugs that come along while I am testing what I am doing.

This week's media

This week as I was scrolling through Netflix I saw DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and after looking at the trailer thought I should give it a try. Honestly, thought this was going to be just something I watch while I was bored but it turned out to be really good and I finished it in about 3 days. It’s from Studio Mir that animated the shows The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks, and the movie The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The show is pretty gory and the only thing that is bad about it is the dragons are 3D the sometimes don’t look that good but if you can get past that it is a great show.

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