Last Week

I had been primarily working on finding the bugs in the first scene of the Monochrome game last week. We received feedback from players who had the access to the early access of the game that there were some bugs in the bouts. I tried many different ways to “crash” the game and to keep a record of them.

Besides”crashing” the game, there were some placeholder sprites that were not completed, so I added the features and functionalities to them.

There was one problem with the bout with the buzzers: if you escape from the bout, the buzzers would catch you right after. I added the code to give the buzzers a universal freeze after the player escapes from the bout.

Next Week

I will be working on fixing the Gackle bout, which is the first boss fight, in the next week. Apparently, there seems to be a problem after the player is defeated by the Gackle. Then, I will test all the aspects of the Gackle fight to make sure it won’t crash. 

There is also a problem with the obtainable items and the diary. The game crashes when the player picks up an item under some conditions, and the diary seems to be the cause. I’ll have to look into that and fix it.


Elton John. I’ve heard of this man’s name before, but I never knew anything about him. Rocketman is a biographical musical drama film based on Elton’s life. I saw this movie clip recently, and this song has been lingering in my head ever since. Great song, I’m going to check out this movie at some time this week.

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