Last Week

Last week was mostly more onboarding and some meetings. The design co-ops talked about long term goals and what we want out of our co-ops. It’s definitely really nice that we have a lot of say about the experiences we want to have in the next few months at DVNC. 

We also started talking about the game we wanted to make for this week and wrote up a short GDD detailing everything we would need.

What I'm Working On This Week

This week, we’re working on our game for our DVNC game jam. We had a few meetings to talk about individual responsibilities and then got started.

I’m in charge of a short story intro to the game, the UI design, and music for the game. I’ll be picking up any extra work that needs to be done like other art assets needed. We’re looking forward to seeing how our game comes out and it’ll be nice to have another game to add to my portfolio, as I don’t have too many that are portfolio worthy just yet. 

Finally, I had a meeting to discuss what I wanted out of this co-op, and I’m looking forward to getting to do some writing work despite it being a bit outside of the job description for a project management co-op.

Next Week

Next week I’m hoping to really get started on the work I’ll be doing in my co-op. I’m not entirely sure what that entails yet, but based on my conversation with Vince I’m excited to get working on whatever is needed of me!

Backrooms Anyone?

This week, I wanted to share something that’s a bit outside of the game sphere but still relevant as it’s made with incredibly realistic 3D modeling for the environment. This video has been going around YouTube for a few weeks now and I feel that it’s done really well. It has over 24 million views and the channel keeps making more Backrooms related content.

Even if you know nothing about the lore of the Backrooms, this video is enjoyable if you like anything remotely spooky and definitely makes you never want to enter the Backrooms. There’s a jumpscare or two, but it’s worth a watch!

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