Last Week

We kicked off last week with a game jam. Our group was given a lot of creative freedom, we created our own game with our own prompt. We worked together throughout the week creating assets and making sure they fit properly in the game and the overall style we were going for.

This Week

We finally presented our game to Vince and he loved it! I played the finished build before the game was submitted and let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun. I enjoyed working with my peers to create this super cool game and I hope to work with them on a game again in the near future. Here is a link to our game:

Since the day of the presentation, the week’s been chill overall. However, we’ll be moving on to projects next week so there will be a lot to do and I’m ready for it!

Some Music for your Stress

Feeling a little stressed out lately? Overwhelmed? Or maybe you’re having a hard time focusing? Say no more. This animal crossing music playlist is here to help. I came across this playlist a week or two ago and I’ve gotten so much work done in such little time thanks to it.

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