This Week

This week started with me continuing where I left off with creating patrol routes for the speakers in Otto’s basement and enabling their animations to match their movement. Finishing this up took a bit more time than I wanted mostly because I did not notice that there were two types of patrols one for 3D and the other for 2D. I did eventually finish it and fixed any bugs that came up with it.

After that, I was assigned to some small tasks like depleting anyone’s guard to zero which is less than or equal to 5%. This was just solved by adding a new node to a formula in the ORK framework. Next was locking Otto in place when the player finds the joke book till they open it for the first time. The only tuff thing that came with this was finding where I could make this change.

The last thing that was worked on disabling the laughing emoji unless affinity is maxed and replacing the emoji if the affinity is not maxed. This bug required that I changed some code and added my own to fix it. After a few test runs, I noticed that the fix that was implemented did not work for the boss bought so that will be left for next week.

Plans for next week

The plan for this week is to finish up my work on replacing the laughing emoji for when the affinity meter is not maxed in the boss bought. I also plan to go through the next build of the game to find any bugs and fix any that are assigned to me.

This week's media

This week I did not consume much media that is worth mentioning at all but I did get a little addicted to a mobile game called King God Castle. Usually, when it comes to mobile games if I get addicted it’s for 2-3 days max but this game kept my attention for the whole week. This game doesn’t throw much innovation but with what it has it does well. It is a game where you defend your castle from monsters with heroes that you can make stronger by merging them or putting items on them. If you feeling bored and have nothing to do I recommend giving this game a try.

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