Last Week

I was focusing on two things last week. The first one is fixing the bugs in Otto’s House Scene. I was trying to fix the bug in the Gackle bout which prevents the player from entering the bout again if the player has been defeated once. However, I was not able to test out the fixes because there was a new bug found in the Gackle bout that Gackle doesn’t attack! I had to leave that issue to the programming leader Daye.

Another interesting bug was that the player couldn’t move after the player picks up an item. At first, I thought this had something to do with the items themselves. After numerous tests, it turned out that the bug only occurs after the spinner battle, which seems totally irrelevant to the items.

The other focus was updating the Greyshade Valley. There were some updates to the Greyshade Valley scene, I had to merge the changes. It’s exciting to see the new scene. I had to read the documentary to figure out the sequencings, and I have to tell you that the story that happens in the Greyshade Valley is great!

Next Week

So far I am not sure the plan of the next week. However, I think it will invovlve adding features into the Greyshade Valley scene. The map structure changed a bit, so the sequencing needs adjustments as well.

The other thing for sure would be fixing the bugs. Probably the bugs in Greyshade Valley scene.


I’ve been listening to this great piece this week. It’s a great one to listen to when you are trying to figure out why the codes don’t run correctly. The melody is so soft that calms your mind down. Anyways, Chopin is a genius.

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