This Week:

This was a very standard week for myself, with just a very consistent focus on running both the Monochrome RPG and Project Rosette social media accounts. We wrapped up a game jam project the week prior and had nothing particular on our plate additionally this time around.

My Plans For Next Week:

The upcoming weeks open up to a new assignment, as I will be focused on writing documentation for all of the DVNC social media accounts and presences. This documentation will be a combined list of all of our various platforms, the general run through of how we go about running them, and any other relevant information needed towards the ongoing maintenance of them.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media this week is a game I recently started and hope to continue with being Hollow Knight. It is a highly received indie game made by three people and caught my eye with both its art style and it’s extremely high ratings. I’ve only begun to unveil the story and this is additionally my first time playing a metroidvania styled game.

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