Dev Log #04 Michael Anderson – Documentation Prep

This Week

This week, and the next few to come, are going to be very documentation heavy. I have been given the task of compiling the base architecture for how DVNC is going to be structuring their game development processes into a coda doc so new hires can have a place to quickly familiarize themselves with company workflow. To do this I have already started reaching out to many members here at DVNC to get their input on how past projects have been organized, and using that to build the documentation for the future. 

Next Week

Next week is going to be more of the same. Once I have gotten good insight into the processes here at DVNC from past/current projects such as Monochrome and SETVR I will be able to really get started on this documentation work.

Alchemical Adventure

Since we had off last week I did not make a dev log about the game jam that we made, so I thought I would include it here as my media for the week. Our team of 4 got together and made this little game called Alchemical Adventure over about a weeks time. I was the only one on the team who knew how to use Unity so I am responsible for every line of code, all the level design, and all the art implementation. All things considered I am quite happy with the result, you can play it here:

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