Dev Log #04 – Brandon Crespo – Fixing up the place

This Week

This week started with finishing an assignment that was started last week. Replacing the laughing emoji for when the affinity meter is not maxed in the boss bought took a bit. This was because I needed to change the code that was made for the regular bouts to work with multiple enemies. I replaced the code to go through every enemy and check if their affinity is high enough to be entertained.

After that, I worked on allowing a spinner to fall down onto the ground when the player approaches it. After successfully coding that I noticed that there was a rise-up animation that the spinner had that was not being used. I then added the rise-up animation to activate when the player leaves the area near the spinner.

Lastly, I was assigned multiple bugs to fix. One was disabling the couch dialogue till Otto goes through the bout tutorial. This one took a little since I went through multiple solutions that overall did not work. Two other bugs that involved the creeper I could not recreate to allow me to test fixes.

The person who found these bugs gave some extra info that these two bugs could be an effect of another bug. That bug is the dialogue with the icebox can be broken out of and overall cause errors throughout the game. Another bug that was reported seemed to be a computer issue instead of a game issue.

Plans for next week

Next week I want to finish the bug fix with icebox’s dialogue that breaks other parts of the game. Also, I want to give a little more time to try and recreate the creeper-related bugs if I can. Lastly, I will like to go through the newest build to look for any more bugs hiding.

This week’s media

This week’s media is a game that I spent most of my free time playing to 100% complete from 0%. Ratchet & Clank was a series that I first played on the PSP Vita and I really enjoyed it. So I decided since it was about a year since its newest release and it had a good rating I would give it a try. After finishing the game I believe it deserves all the great ratings this game received.

The story of the game I felt was a bit expected but the gameplay was honestly amazing. I recommend giving this game a try if you have access to a PS4 or 5.

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