This Week

This week has been another heavily bug fixing week. It turned out that the Otto’s House scene still needed adjustments. One of the bug that I fixed was the scene transition canvas disappearing after the player teleports using the ladder. It took me a long time to fix this one. The bug itself probably has more to do with how the game engieer works than the code logics. 

The other bugs are related to the tutorial dialogue. Something new I learned from fixing this one is that you can choose whether to auto save the game data or not when changeing into a new scene. However, even if you choose not to save, you can sill save some of the data manually.

Next Week

I am expecting to do more bug fixing next week. One of the bug I am assigned to fix is related to the game control. I am worried that the people who made those probably used the framework directly. Therefore, I will probably have to redo lots of the things, since I can’t change the code of the framework.


Since I am working on an RPG game, I’ll share the RPG game that I’ve been excited about recently. Xenoblade Chronicle 3! I have played both the first and the second of the series. The soundtrack, character design, and story are awesome (Nia, I love you, too! I love you, and all you guys). I am glad the release data for Xenoblade Chronicle 3 is pushed forward. Anyways, Monolith, shut up and take my money.

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