Last Week

Last week was virtually a week off. On Monday, we presented our game to Vince and it went pretty well. It’s a pretty fun game and I’d love to make another soon, considering I’ve never really done a game jam before. 

After our little presentation, we didn’t have any other work to do for the week, but co-op picked up this week!

What I'm Working On This Week

We’ve been given some long term assignments to begin working on this week. I’m assigned to documentation on DVNC’s Game Design Philosophy as well as their five year strategy, goals, OKRs, and KPIs. I’m also working on the Workshop Report for Monochrome, which will give me a good opportunity to learn more about the game and the community that DVNC has built around it.

I’ll be reaching out to a few new people in the company to get help on this documentation, so I look forward to meeting them. I’m also excited to learn more about DVNC and their internal processes and philosophies.

Next Week

I’ll be continuing work on the documentation next week. I’m starting with the Game Design Philosophy documentation, so I’m hoping that by next week I’ll be able to get started on the Workshop Report.

Cyberpunk Bartending Games

This week, I wanted to share the reveal trailer for a game called N1RV Ann-A. It’s a sort of sequel to one of my favorite games, VA-11 Hall-A, in which you play as a bartender in a futuristic dystopian city and learn about the world by speaking to your customers in the bar. Some may consider it more of a visual novel than a game, but there are gameplay elements and multiple endings depending on your interactions with the characters.

I’ve been looking forward to the sequel since I finished the original game, and I assume the gameplay will be pretty similar. It was apparently supposed to release in 2020, so I’m hoping we’ll get an update this year!

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