This Week

The first thing that I started with this week was working and finishing a fix so that not progressing the final line with the icebox does not break the TV dialogue. This took a bit of looking through multiple possible fixes but eventually, I found the right one. This fix made it so that the collision box that triggers the TV dialogue always activates no matter the speed at which the player goes through the icebox dialogue. 

Next, I was assigned to lock the joke feature until Otto maxes the opponent’s affinity. This feature took a little to find where I can even implement it and a bit longer for the solution. After a bit of tests, I realized that a fix I made for the joke emoji not appearing right can also be used for this. After finding the code I used before it worked perfectly.

Lastly, I fixed a couch that the player should not be able to go through. This was resolved by giving it a 2D box collider and removing the box collider it originally had on it. I also had to give the TV dialogue more of a “yelling” effect. This was done in the dialogue database by changing its size and with a lot of confusion when I did not know I was using the wrong symbols to enclose the size tag.

Plans for next week

For next week I want to start work on my latest assignment of updating the A.I. for the fans in boss bouts. I need to have them move closer to the center of the screen when their affinity gets higher. Then when entertained by either the player or the boss have the fan walk to the other side and flip the sprite.

This week's media

For this week’s media, I would like to give some attention to Halo Infinite which recently just-released season 2 for multiplayer. Season 2 brings with it 2 new maps, 3 new game modes, and a ton of more cosmetics. One of the game modes is Last Spartan Standing which is like a combination of gun game/battle royal and it is so much fun especially when you get into matches with your friends. 

I recommend to boot up Halo again if you have played it before or just download it and give it a try. The multiplayer part of the game is completely free. Also if you want to try out the story but don’t want to dish out the cash it is also on Game Pass.

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