What I Worked On This Week:

This has been an incredibly messy week for myself, as I was most notably fighting sickness for the majority of it. This changed my tasks to mostly just sorting and organization for my current workings, which have been namely preparing documentation for all of our media presences. I am currently working on documenting the processes for all of our medias, reaching out to everyone in charge of each area and recording all notable information.

My Plans For Next Week:

With the framework setup in the prior week, I’m hoping this week to be able to properly reach out and discuss with all the media heads about every bit of information I’ll want to properly document the steps and material needed to run and manage every individual social media presence. I’m hoping to have contacted everyone before this upcoming Friday and have the documentation finished by the end of the week.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is an upcoming indie project named ‘Sail Forth’ which I’ve taken interest into some time ago. It follows a cute theme of animals sailing the ocean in a 3D environment, and I’ve kept with the progression of the project for some time and am excited for its late 2022 release.

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