This Week

Last week, we started off with a meeting to discuss creating documentation for the different processes at DVNC for the new hires to reference. We contacted those we will be working with to create different parts of the documentation, mine being the 2D/3D art and animation processes. This week has mostly been the same, I’ve reached out to my assigned group and arranged meetings so I can get their input.

Next Week

From now until next week, I will be working heavily on the documentation. I’ll be taking all of the information I gather from my group and place them into the documents. After that, I will organize them accordingly.

Media of the Week

In this video, we are taken behind the scenes to see how Disney’s animated hair evolved from Tangled (2010) to Encanto (2021). Every time I watch Encanto, I’m just blown away by how realistic the curly hair is. Each character has a unique hairstyle with a type of curl. As someone with naturally curly hair, specifically 3a curls, I am overjoyed to see my type of hair represented in a Disney film because I grew up feeling insecure about my own curls.

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