This Week - Documentation!

Throughout the week I’ve been working on documenting DVNC’s Game Design Philosophies. I’ve been reading through a lot of existing documentation on the game design processes, Monochrome, and core values. Through this I’ve been learning a lot about the company and especially about Monochrome – which I’m excited to play when it comes out!

As a brief recap of my research, DVNC aims to make “inclusive games for diverse gamers.” This means that they’re targeting an audience of modern gamers that is more diverse than ever before, but these gamers don’t see the proper representation to reflect that. DVNC wants everyone to find a game that they identify with, meaning diverse and inclusive casts of characters are a must!

I’ve also been looking into the practice of using workshops to create games, which is what DVNC relies on. They bring together huge communities of creatives from around the world in order to make everything they need for a game. This means high quality games can be made faster, and provides an inclusive community for everyone they work with. Compared to a lot of stuff I’ve been seeing about big game companies and toxic work environments, this is a really nice model to work off of and seems to be pretty successful.

Next Week

My plan for next week is to keep working on the documentation I’ve been assigned. I’ll have the Game Design Philosophies documentation done this week, so by next week I’ll be able to get started on the Monochrome Workshop Report. As I’ve already been reading a lot about Monochrome and working my way through its dedicated website, I’m excited to get started on that. 

Aside from that, if time allows, I’ll get started on DVNC’s Five Year Strategy documentation.

It’s been pretty cool to learn more about DVNC, so I’m looking forward to continuing my work on this.

Animated Movie Fans - Belle

I wanted to share the trailer for a newish animated movie called Belle. It came out in theaters earlier this year, and I’ve been dying to see it, but it still isn’t available anywhere that I can find. It follows a young girl who creates an online persona that ultimately becomes famous for her singing. It seems from the trailer that the movie is about people who want to expose who she really is. There’s definitely some other strange conflicts, but it’s hard to tell from the trailer exactly what’s happening.

The music sounds really good and the animation is absolutely gorgeous. The people who made this movie were also involved in others like Wolf Children and Mirai, which are two of my favorite animated movies. Overall, I’m really looking forward to seeing it, whenever that may be. 

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