This Week

This week I really have not done much. I am still trying to update the fans in boss bouts. I spent a bit of time trying to find ways of improving the A.I. through the ORK framework and through the Behavior Designer with no prevail. The last option was to do it with scripts witch in the most part seem to be working so far.

I started with creating a new script that Unity was angry at since it did not have the extension of MonoBehavior even though it did. After a while of investigating It was realized that another script had an error and for some reason fixing that script fixed the new script I created. Next, I worked on the bosses’ fans to move to the center stage based on the percentage of affinity they have. Then after testing my script that had a few errors noticed that the portion of code that was causing the errors was not even needed. Lastly, I created code so Otto’s fans can do the same thing as the other fans but was not able to test it since in the version I have now Gackel had a bug that did not allow him to raise affinity.

Plans for next week

The only plan I have for this week is to finish the assignment of updating the fans in boss bouts. If I do finish it before Friday I would like to fix some of the bugs that were encountered during my test runs.

This week's media

For this week’s media, there were a few things I watched but I would like to talk about the latest Sonic movie. The 2nd movie follows Sonic as he makes new friends and fights Dr. Eggman once again with his new allies. The actors for Eggman and Knuckles do an amazing job in their roles and it really just gives a great movie a bigger push to be even better. I really recommend giving the series a watch and am looking forward to the sequel which seems to be making a twist on the story from the games based on events from this movie.

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