This Week:

It has been another week of adversity. Dealing with the combination of midterms and an ongoing fever, it has not been the most ideal week. However it has lead to sorting out and catching up on tasks that I felt I was managing with uncertainty. This week has also provided myself a lot of opportunity to reflect on what I am hoping to accomplish as I continue throughout my first COOP experience and what I’d hope to change as I near the halfway threshold. 

My Plans For Next Week:

The rest of this week and into the next is focused with solidifying my objectives for the marketing documentation. Meetings have been scheduled to ensure I can properly grasp the process and move on from the documentation. I am aiming to complete the documentation by this weekend, catching up and entering the next week with a fresh slate of goals to reach and objectives to meet.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media this week is ‘Over The Garden Wall’ which is a short miniseries. I watched it a couple weeks ago in a single sitting and found it above average, yet after digesting it more after really found myself to enjoy it and wanted to re-watch it. It’s a challenging show to explain but is definitely worth the two hours to watch it through.

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