Dev Log #06 – Neil D – Battle Fixes

This Week

I’ve been working on wrapping up the Gackle Bout and fixing the Creeper Bout this week. There are some issues with the Creeper Bout that would cause the game to break. While I had fixed one, then another one broke, and so on… Luckily this loop did end. Now the Creeper Bout is good to go and no matter how many times the player died, the game wouldn’t crush.

I also did some other minor fixes. I was surprised when I was told that the Tutorial Dialogues was still buggy. After some examinations, I found out that the dialogues were using the different mechanisms. Therefore, some dialogues had the bug, while other didn’t. Anyways, they should be fixed now.

Next Week

I’ll be checking the newly added cut scenes to make sure all the transitions are correct. Other than that, I assume the work will be pretty much the same as always.


Canon In D, for me, is the most mysterious song. I can’t tell the exact emotion it conveys to me. It’s like the mingle of death and rebirth. I wish I have more things to say about this song, but as I am listening to it while writing this paragraph, I’m feeling a force pulling me out of the space, and all of the words in my head disappear. I’m sharing this piece with you and wish you a good day.

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