This Week

This week has pretty much been the same as last week. I most have been working on the documentation for the art and animation processes. I met with some of the staff I am working with and got some of their input. I am currently still looking through sources while I wait to receive updated information from them.

Next Week

Next week will most likely be the same. I will be working on the documentation and talk with staff to make sure the information being added is accurate and up to date.  

This Week's Media

I absolutely love playing Tetris. I used to play it every once in a while but now I play it nearly every other day. Whether I need to relieve stress or just have some time to kill, I’ll just play a few rounds… or more. Aside from playing Tetris, I also like to watch Tetris related videos sometimes because I’ve been wanting to improve my building speed as well as APM (attacks per minute). This morning I found this video in my recommended and I thought it was interesting to share.

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