Dev Log #6 Michael Anderson – Project Reviews

This Week

This week started out with more documentation work, but because I am still waiting on some other members of the team to get me information I was given a second project to work on. For the last few days I have been playing some DVNC related games and reviewing their potential. First I review the different aspects of the game and then rate it on a scale of 1-5 on the games potential and where I see it heading. I am not sure exactly why I am doing this but I just reviewed Swoop (Pictured above) and will be moving on to the Rosset Demo soon.

Next Week

As was stated above I will begin next week by playing the Rosset demo and reviewing it the same way I did Swoop. After that hopefully I will have heard back from the higherups and will be able to continue my documentation work. 

Weekly Media: Inscryption

I have not had a lot of time this week due to a lot of PC troubles, but in the little free time that I have had I started playing through this game. Its called Inscryption and if you some how have not managed to hear about it yet, it is one of the most atmospheric and intriguing games I have played in a long time. I am not very far in, but I am already hooked on playing a diabolical card game with this terrifying stranger in his puzzle filled cabin. If you have not played this game before please give it a shot, oh and do yourself a favor and go in completely blind. 

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