This Week - Even More Documentation

I’ve continued my documentation work from last week. I finished the DVNC Game Design Philosophies work and moved on to the Monochrome Workshop Report. As I learned a lot about Monochrome last week while doing documentation, I’m enjoying getting to learn a little bit more about the development side this week. 

I’m writing a report on what the Workshop does and how it operates, as well as DVNC’s vision for the Workshop. I’m also gathering testimonials on what it’s like to work in the Workshop. This method of development is super interesting to me and I think it’s cool how this creates a community of creatives that all work on one project together. 

Aside from the Workshop Report, I’m also getting started on documentation about DVNC’s Five Year Strategy. I’m running a bit behind so I haven’t really dove into this yet. I’m planning on catching up today and tomorrow.

Next Week

I’m supposed to be receiving some new work today on DVNC’s Tactical Planning, which I’ll work on next week. I’m unsure what exactly this entails yet but it will supposedly be more in line with project management work. Therefore, I’m looking forward to getting started on it.

I’m also assuming the work I’ve done thus far will be reviewed this week, so I might have to make some edits and changes to the existing work next week. 

Violet Evergarden

This is an anime I recently started watching with my roommate. The animation is incredibly beautiful and the story is both tragic and heartwarming. The show follows a young girl who only ever knew war and the military, having been used as a weapon. After the war, she gets a job as an Auto Memories Doll and writes letters for people, many of whom can’t read or write themselves.

Through this job and her interactions with other people, Violet learns things about other people’s emotions and thoughts, as well as her own. She begins learning how to be a human being. I think this anime is really quite good, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a show that is sometimes heartbreaking, yet still uplifting. I haven’t finished it yet, but there are also two Violet Evergarden movies to watch as well after I finish it. 

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