This Week

This week has just been trying to finish the updates to the fans in the boss bout. One thing that I noticed was that code I deleted last week because I thought it was useless was needed to allow the fans to move only to their affinity percent. Also, the errors that the piece of code had just seemed to disappear when I reintegrated it back for some reason. Which I am not complaining about but I do not like code that fixes itself for no reason. It’s like the code just had errors earlier to mess with me.

Another error that occurred was fans not moving till their affinity was maxed. The error was caused by me forgetting that an int divided by another int just produces another int and not a double/float. So I just need to change one of the ints into a double to fix it. After that, I disabled the fans from destroying when they are entertained to allow them to instead move to the other side of the stage. Lastly, I tried multiple times in ORK to set a fan’s affinity back to zero when they are entertained to no prevail. I then found a way to script it and when I did do that the transfer of the fan’s faction broke so I had to add that into the script also.

Throughout this update, I found that ORK made some things really easy and makes some simple things complicated. 

Plans for next week

The plan for this week is to hopefully finish updating the fans for the boss bout and make them work properly.

This week's media

This week’s media is on the show Severance. This show is mostly going under everyone’s radar because it is exclusively on Apple TV and because of that, this show is shaping to be a sleeper hit. As I finished every episode I was left wanting to know more and that only increased as the episodes went on.

The premise of this show is that people working at a corporation called Lumon have to receive surgery to separate their minds into two. One only has memories of their work at Lumon and the other of everything else. The show follows the lives of both lives of the main character Mark and his discovery of what he exactly does at Lumon.

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