This Week:

This week’s works included the continuation of the marketing documentation assignment. With the many challenges of the previous weeks completed, it was fitting to work consistently on those. This works included reaching out towards other DVNC members and seeking information on the various public accounts and how they are operated.

With this information slowly compiled, I worked towards sorting it in a understandable format for those who ever seek to better comprehend the task of managing any of the social media accounts. The goal in mind is to streamline the most important aspects such as specific names/links, general notes and the daily processes and innerworkings of each one.

My Plans For Next Week:

With our most recent meeting, it has been noted the focus and scope have shifted into a new target. My new agenda is to help breakdown and divulge marketing research for a different focus through the The hope is to compare a multitude of marketing strategies and weigh them each individually against one another, comparing aspects such as difficulty, reach, success probability and so on. The hope is to help create the most suitable arrangement for ongoing marketing opportunities.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is an incredibly popular game series in Red Dead Redemption II. This was the first game in a long time that truly grew my excitement and engaged me. I loved every moment playing throughout the story as did many and still found joy playing online with friends, despite a relatively lackluster multiplayer experience.

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