This Week

We have the new cutscenes for the Monochrome game! The cutscenes were stationary before. Now, the individual objects in the cutscenes can swing to produce a 3D visual effect! My job was to test those newly added cutscenes and make sure they work properly.


The other major thing I started to work on is finalizing the ally move animation. What we had were just templates with placeholders, so the ally move animation was just a sprite moving from left to right. I have been working on implementing the actual animation and making it look smooth.

Next Week

The animation is going to take me a while. I assume I’ll be spending the next week working on it as well. We haven’t received many bug reports lately, so I am not sure what’s gonna be beside the animation fixing.


I found this video when I was listening to the music on YouTube. As it turns out that humans don’t need to breathe, or more precisely, trumpet players don’t need to breathe. I guess I just found an instrument that I would never be able to learn. 

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