Dev Log #07 – Nicole Harmon

This Week – New Work

I finished up the Monochrome Workshop Report and the documentation on DVNC’s Five Year Strategies and Goals over the weekend. On Monday, we got some new work assigned. I’m supposed to be working on DVNC’s new Drip Email campaign as well as documentation on the Village B2B User Processes. This entails listing out the processes of taking on new clients, from onboarding to final meetings. 

I actually started to help playtest the latest build of Monochrome for bugs this week, so the new work has been pushed back a bit. Playtesting Monochrome has been interesting, as I’ve never had a chance to actually play Monochrome before. I think it’s a fun game, and the art style is really cool. I haven’t found any major bugs yet either, but I’m keeping a close eye on the gameplay to make sure I don’t miss anything. 

When I finish playing through the available part of the game I’ll have to compile a list of the bugs I found and what kind of bug they are (like game-breaking bugs vs. just general bugs). I’ve done playtesting before, but usually for other student games so this has been a somewhat different experience.

Next Week

Next week I’ll really dive into the new work I received. I’m pretty unfamiliar with things like Drip Email campaigns and the new client onboarding processes, so this will probably take a fair bit of research to complete. 

I’m still waiting on reviews of my completed work so I might have to update some of that as well.

More Backrooms Footage

A few weeks ago I posted a “found footage” video about the backrooms. This video is one of the many follow up videos made by the same channel. My roommate and I have been pretty excited about each new installment, so when a video longer than 10 minutes was uploaded, we dropped everything to watch it. 

The video follows a man who ends up separated from his team, a floor lower than the others. As he explores the level, tensions are high and the video is honestly pretty scary to watch. I highly recommend this channel for really well made backrooms videos, and this video was nearly as good as the first one I posted in a previous post. 

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