DVNC Devlog #1 – May 2022


Howdy hey, howdy hi!

First off, we hope you’ve been having a great start to the month wherever home is to you across the world! Isn’t it amazing how vast and diverse our planet is, just as how diverse we are as people? 

To us at DVNC, we’ve always seen this as an opportunity to have our games focus on the 80% of the world that’s ignored by traditional games. As games continue to grow exponentially every year, so do you – the audience. 

At DVNC, we make inclusive games for diverse gamers. We create games that focus on the personal connection between players and their game experience by catering to audiences ignored by big companies and where they come from.

Our developers draw their own unique experiences from their rich backgrounds to create games that everyone can have fun playing, and we thank you for being here with us as we slowly grow to achieve that with each game we make.

Speaking of DVNC and its games, today’s round of updates is a big one folks – so hold on tight and keep on reeling until the very end; every one of our teams has something for you!

The Monochrome RPG

Our developers at The Monochrome Workshop are working tirelessly to breathe as much life as possible into the first episode of The Monochrome RPG! We’ve been listening to your feedback and implementing every itty bit of it ever since the game went into Early Access on Steam late last year.

Wait, what’s this? We detect a raise of eyebrows, an expression of mixed emotions that even our top toons can’t crack!

You haven’t heard? The Monochrome RPG is in Early Access on Steam!

View RPG on Steam

What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means you can visit Otto’s House and the grey GreyShade Valley right now! But be warned, we’re still working on getting those pesky buzzards out of every nook and cranny so that you only have to worry about the ones you can: tell a joke to, recruit as troupe members, or SWAT!

The Monochrome RPG is currently at the Publisher Build Stage, hooray!!! This means that we’re getting as many of our toony assets implemented into the latest build of the episode while also squashing/swatting as many bugs as we can find to make sure our Publisher Build is in top form before being sent off for review.

But we’re not done there! Nothing’s set in stone until it’s shipped, and for Monochrome, we’re still at the docks making every adjustment we can for a smooth gameplay experience. We’re continuously making design updates related to:

  • Narrative Sequencing
  • Boss Bouts
  • Tutorials

From the very start, we wanted players to experience The Monochrome RPG like an old-school cartoon aimed at audiences of today. We hope to give you a diverse, engaging game, and we’re almost at the final act.

TLDR; the development of The Monochrome RPG is at a steady pace as our talented developers steadily bring the world closer to life and to your home in full access later this year! 

How you can help!

We’ve got the development, but we could use your help with sharing Monochrome with the world!

Ways you can help:

Please remember every little bit helps us push the dreams of the community and Workshop further!


Confused? Curious? Set to know more?

SETVR is DVNC’s first VR fitness title set to release this year – it’s kickstarter beginning this June! 

SETVR Kickstarter

Now in development by our SETVR team, we’ve been focused on creating a VR experience that’ll have you ready to protect yourself and your loved ones as you practice a variety of martial arts and self-defense lessons.

Making use of VR technology, we plan to take you through a world and story that further engages and immerses you in the variety of combat techniques and lessons we’ve implemented that work seamlessly in SETVR.

Currently, the SETVR team has been working tirelessly in implementing various features: from adding goal points that can be tracked on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis – to chopping away bugs (not the buzzard kind!).


Here’s a detailed list of what we’ve been working on if you’re more curious!

  • Added graph kit to SETVR so we can make graphs based on values, created graph for points
  • Added Goal points for: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Added Text-based Point calculations for: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Previous 7 Days, Last 28 Days, Previous 28 Days
  • Added points saving to Striking Warmups, Dodging Warmups, Practice Warmups, Yogas, Stretching Warmup, History Portal, Fight
  • Double Checked dojo features for major bugs (ones that prevent users from continuing) and performed any needed fixes

Having been in development for years now, you could say we’re set on bringing SETVR to all of you this year as we prepare for the launch of our Kickstarter this June! Every share helps, and if you like what you see, consider supporting the our new VR project!

SETVR Kickstarter  



Just surprise after surprise in this newsletter.

Well, it’s time to wake up and smell the Rosett!!! A brand new, original IP now in early development at DVNC Tech LLC. Continuing to follow our brand of focusing on the diverse experiencing games can bring us, and how they can bring us all together – we’ve set this as one of Rosett’s core pillars, and much more.

Ever played SNAKE games? Y’know, the simple game where you’re essentially a snake (or any other player type), and the goal to grow bigger and bigger.

DVNC’s Rosett aims to take some gameplay elements from the snake game genre and elevate it to areas uncharted!

Set in a world where both magic and science rule and coexist, you’ll chart through a crisis linked to this world’s creation as you save and recruit unique party members to help you battle through this ordeal and uncover the mystery behind it.

While we can’t give too much about this upcoming roguelike, we can assure you that you’ll be hearing more from us soon on this upcoming title. We also have a publisher demo we’re aiming to release by the end of this year.

Follow our socials for all the latest updates!

– Rosett Website
– Rosett Twitter 
– Rosett Instagram

DVNC – Breaking The Status Quo

At DVNC, our main focus has always been to create games for everyone to experience equally. Our studio strives to tell interactive, compelling gameplay experiences to diverse audiences since we’re a diverse studio with people from across the world.

The projects we’ve shared with you just now each hold a piece of what makes a DVNC game a DVNC game, but our core values will never change: to make fun games focused on empowered diversity, empathetic narratives, and inclusive creation – for everyone.

We hope with all we’ve just shared that you’ll continue to support us in this exciting time for our studio as we continue to grow; the show is just getting started for us folks!

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