Last Week

Last week, I reviewed the sources I was given for creating ads and a brand style guide. I’ve been learning all about how to create proper ads and how to make ads for different platforms. I’ve also been learning how to make brand guides, what to include in them, and how professional companies create their guides.

This Week

This week, I am currently planning out 25 ads for the company’s new service. Half of them is for Facebook while the other half is for Instagram. Once their all planned out, I will be creating them using the online tool Canva, which I mentioned last week.

I will also be working inside Canva to create a brand style guide for this service. I’ve been exploring the service’s website and gathering information for the guide to help me create a layout. This includes the color palette the site has, how the UI is set up and how the buttons are formatted, the icons, logo, and font. This information is necessary in ensuring that the brand’s identity remains cohesive throughout and is always communicated properly to the audience. Without it, there would be no consistency.

Example from Spotify’s Brand Guide | Image Source: Spotify’s Design Guidelines

Next Week

Next week, I will be continuing to work on these tasks. I am hoping to finish ad planning this week so I can begin creating them the following week and check with staff for feedback/changes. 

I will also be working on the brand style guide and will be asking for feedback as I go along to make sure the guide accurately reflects the brand.

Media for the Week

The first handheld console I ever got was a blueish silver GameBoy Advanced SP as a Christmas present. A few Christmas’s later, I received a light pink DS Lite and a Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends cartridge and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I would play it so much that overtime, I began to forget about my GameBoy. 

On Christmas Day of 2011, I had received a DSi XL. I played around with it so much that day because of the several new features it had compared to the DS Lite. It had Flipnote Studio, two built-in cameras, a photo editing application, a sound editor application, and much more. 

When I was in elementary school, we would have a “Game Day” where students could bring in their own games (boardgames and handheld consoles) and play for the last half of the school day. I always brought in my DSi so I could take pictures with my friends and show them some of my favorite games like Mario Kart DS

One of the things I didn’t know about the DSi was DSiWare. I didn’t have access to wi-fi during this time, so I never knew about its existence. Check out Scott’s video that goes into more detail!

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