This Week

This week I have done a few things to make the vision of the updated boss bout come true. One is I just make the code more efficient by adding one line of code that allows me to not have to repeat some code for every type of combatant. Another thing I did was update Gackle’s AI in ORK to allow him to attack the fans that walk over instead of only the ones that spawn on Otto’s side. This took me a bit and was crucial for the vision of the boss bout fans. If I could not find a way to fix this we would have had to move to plan B which was having the fans do the same thing they do in the original to transfer side just off-screen.

Next, I created a method to allow the fans to walk to the other side after being entertained and flip their sprite when they reach the end position. With this in place, I had to test a few speeds that looked natural and paused to allow the Update method to work and show the character actually moving. I then had an error where the sprite was only flipping and the emote did not flip sides. This was fixed with a small fix of just rotating the whole prefab by 180 degrees. Lastly, I added code to Otto’s script that allows him to entertain to make sure the transfer of fans works completly.

The picture above shows all the code I was able to shave off and more.

Plans for next week

The plan for next week is to finish updating the fans for the boss bout. One thing I have to do is to make the fans that transfer to Gackle’s side do the same thing as the fans that transfer to Otto’s side. Also, I have to update my version to include Niel’s fix on the animations to make sure the animations work for the boss bout.

This weeks media

For this week’s media, I watched Love Death and Robots season 3. For anyone who has not heard of this series, it is an anthology series that a multitude of studios that do any type of animation take part in. Love Death and Robots is a series that I love and I believe everyone should give it a watch because since it is an anthology series I believe that everyone would like a least one ep out of them all.

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