Dev Log #08 – Jack Heyen

This Week:

It has been another week with new promise. With the shift of the focus of DVNC, I have changed my priorities towards working on marketing documentation for the new structuring. This has been admittedly a challenge for me and I found myself not in the position I would have liked to have put myself into, but it has led to a refocus and stepping up to the next challenge.

With my confusions, I have decided to reach out more towards my advisors and help generate a better understanding and goal towards the completion of these goals. With the mid-point of this COOP cycle nearing, I hope to feel confident going into the next works provided and in good standing.

My Plans For Next Week:

The plans for the upcoming week maintain the focus on working on documentation in the for the marketing processes towards B2B and Quant marketing. This was something I found challenging to properly understand what I would be doing leading to me reaching out privately with Vince to get a better understanding. The hope is to meet in the near future again and make sure it is headed in the correct direction.

Otherwise, it is the hope to maintain the balance between my COOP and my standalone class as I near my finals week. I hope to ensure my work is done within all my obligations. 

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week includes an instagram account called @arcticdivers as this is something that has interested me since it’s discovery. I love the crystal clear waters of Iceland and am working towards the more advanced certifications required to go diving in those frigid waters, something I hope to do relatively soon.


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