Dev Log #09 – Theresa Merritt – Guide and Ads

This Week

I have been working on the company’s 2D art service’s brand guide. As I mentioned in last week’s log, the purpose of this guide is to ensure the company’s identity remains consistent throughout. I spent time exploring the website and gathering information on the brand’s style. I finished the draft version of the guide and will be reviewing it with staff to get feedback.

I’ve also been working on the ads for this new service. As I make these ads, I get to play around with color and composition to see what looks right and what doesn’t, which I find to be fun.

This week I will also be meeting with staff to discuss project Rosett. I’m excited to learn more about this project as I will be working on the asset planning within the next few weeks.

Next Week

I will be continuing with making ads for the new service and will share my progress with staff to get feedback as I go along. After receiving feedback for the drafts, I will then start revising and create the final versions.

Media for the Week

Not much to say for this week’s media. Just listen to this Kirby piano playlist with rain sounds and let your mind relax.

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