Dev Log #09 – Neil D – Enemy Move Animation

This Week

I have been working on putting the enemy move animation together this week. The basics were already set up before I got my hands on it; however, there are inconsistencies between the different enemy’s animators. It’s probably because they were done by different people. Besides unifying those, I also had to make some changes to the battle event so that each enemy can make different move animations.

Other than that, I did some minor fixes on various things. The Hatch change that I made long ago for some reason wasn’t merged, so I had to redo it. Both the spinners in the basement and the first floor had some issues. And so on …

Next Week

I will be wrapping up the enemy move animation (some updates are not shown on my end, so I need to make some changes to comply with the updates). Death animation and Gackle move animation will be the next task. 


Don’t Cry was the song that introduced me to the world of Rock and the great band Guns N’ Roses. I’ve probably listened to this song a thousand times. Axl’s voice is amazing. He starts with the deep and soulful bass. Then, as the song progresses, the pitch goes higher gradually. When the song reaches the climax, the voice becomes the piercing shrieking to express both the grief and the best wishes to the left one.

I couldn’t understand Axl’s screaming style of singing at first. The first I heard this song, it kept lingering in my head, and as I listened to it more, I started to like this voice. It’s full of emotions and embedded with the rebel spirit, which I think is the soul of Rock, the mind of breaking out of the restrains.

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