This week

Firstly for this week, I looked to see if there was a way to make the boss captures allies event in ORK do the same thing that Otto does to fans when entertained. I could not really find a way until I found out about a node in ORK that allows an event to call on a function of a script. With this in mind, I created a similar script to Otto’s script with a few changes and attached it to Gackle.

After that, I tested the code for a bit and noticed that the fans moved only to the character that entertained them after they were entertained on either side. I looked into this and found out that the groups were not changed when entertained so I found some code that allows that. With this fix after testing, I noticed that the fans that were entertained did not move at all after. This took a while to figure out the issue which was that the fan’s Inbattle state was switched to false. 

I looked for ways to turn switch the combatant’s Inbattle back to true but all of the lines of code that did that made the combatants move to different positions and sometimes even under the stage or next to Otto and Gackle. After that, I tried to find ways to no avail in ORK and just scripting to make the combatants change groups without causing their Inbattle to switch to false. Lastly, I took to the ORK forms to see if there was any way to do what I want.

Plans for next week

The plan for next week is to hopefully obtain some answers on how to change a combatants group without making their Inbattle false through the ORK forms. If I do obtain some information then add it to the code and add the animations for the combatants.

This weeks media

This week I watched the Halo tv series on Paramount+. I thought it was a really good first season and had extremely well-corigrafed fights throughout the season. The only bone I have to pick with it is that it does not follow any of the lore in the books or games. So as a Halo fan I recommend anyone who knows Halo lore to chalk this series as a completely alternate universe because I believe that it is a great watch. Also if you do not know anything about Halo then the show is for you.

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