Dev Log #09 – Jack Heyen

This Week:

This week had a hard focus on documentation and seemingly seems to be near the end of it. A lot of my efforts this week were focused on researching a numerous amount of marketing strategies and weighing them in all sorts of aspects. These include how much effort would be included, how costly it would be, the expected outreach of the source, how many people would be needed to manage it and so on. I found it especially interesting as it’s something I have been also learning more of for my own projects and this set me on a venture to find out all the lesser known ways of marketing.

My Plans For Next Week:

My plans for the upcoming week are going to be heavily subjective to the shift of which direction my COOP heads. It will be a mix up between continuing with my marketing documentation and research or gearing back towards social media management. Whichever the case, it’ll be a continuation of what is currently happening or a return to former works with a refreshed sense and new tricks to try in hopes of account growth.

My Choice of Media:

My choice of media for this week is an artist named jmw327, who notably has beautiful pixel art that I’ve grown to love. I’ve considered lots of my designs with this artists work in mind and use them as a constant reference when relevant.

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