DVNC Devlog #2 – May 2022

Howdy Hey, Howdy Hi!

Seems like summer is just around the corner for us at DVNC! But for those around the world, maybe you’re experiencing a different change of season. Whether we’re separated by the seasons, the land we live on, or the people we are – we’re united by our love for games, and we’re here to make that unity even stronger!

One of the ways we do this is by writing these DVNC devlogs and newsletters so that we can connect with all of you and take you all on our journey. Then there’s of course the games we develop…but there’s another as well.

You can call it the secret sauce, the secret ingredient, or any mysterious and conspicuous term that helps us conjure the magic behind game development – but we like to call it something simple and clean.

The Workshop! Before we get into the juicier updates for our upcoming projects (The Monochrome RPG, Rosett, SETVR), how’s a peek behind the curtain on how our Workshop method and our studio mission/vision make the workshop method even more effective

DVNC’s Mission and Vision

The Workshop method has always been intertwined with DVNC’s mission and vision statements, and as we continue to bear the brunt and rough waters in the game industry, we believe a change in mast and ship I.e. our mission and vision, will only help the workshop method (our entire crew that makes this possible!) prosper even further and deliver even better content to the world: for our ship, and for others. 

Our Mission

Create inclusive games for underrepresented gamers made with diverse creators

Our Vision: 

A world where gamers from all backgrounds see themselves in the games they play.

DVNC’s workshop method acts as a compass for our mission and vision as we work with all our creatives across the world.

Guided and managed by the many leads that are well-versed in their respective discipline, the workshop method allows our leads to handle all the management, documentation, and scheduling so that our creatives can only focus on the one thing they’re meant to be focusing on always – making great games.

Whether it be for art, animation, writing, or music – the workshop houses creatives specialized in various disciplines that all come together to create games for gamers all around the world – games where you can see part of yourself represented in the world and player experience.

At DVNC, we like to believe that not only games can bring unity – but any form of collaboration. Our new mission and vision statements take this collaboration to heart, and we’re now ready for DVNC to bridge realities beyond our own and help underrepresented gamers see themselves in the games they play.

Speaking of bridging realities, how about we finally take the bridge that reveals what our talented teams have been up to with our multiple projects! Sit tight – it’s time for the second act!

The Monochrome RPG

We last left you off with the big mic drop that The Monochrome RPG was out on Early Access.
Have you had a chance to perform bouts against pesky buzzards and the other
otherworldly creatures the Gackle’s called on over to Otto’s house and

Or no, it couldn’t be – did you have to face off against actual, game-breaking bugs?

Whatever your situation may be – we’re here to help! Comment below
and sound off on any opinions or issues, no matter how gigantic or miniature
they are, about your experience traveling through Otto’s house and Greyshade
Valley! Or if you have nothing really to say – how about a punny pun?

The ones that tickle our faces the most will be featured in our next devlog post – so break a leg (not literally. Yes, Otto’s faced this situation before). 

But now – to the game updates! 

  • We’re continuously squashing bugs throughout various testing pipelines 
  • The Monochrome RPG will soon be opening new testing opportunities via surveys! 
  • We’re taking a deep dive into Boss Bout updates 
  • Finalizing sequencing guides 
  • Updating new quest rewards

Phew! We don’t know how they do it, but we’re pacing ourselves as the finish line comes ever closer! Our toons can’t wait to take you on this journey we’ve been preparing for you.

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With The Monochrome RPG making continuous progress updates, let’s see how our other DVNC teams are doing!


Our SETVR Kickstarter has been progressing at a good pace, and we’re nearly close to 100 followers on our prelaunch page! We’d love all the support we can get as we attempt to deliver a self-defense martial arts experience that takes place in a virtual space right in your home. 

We’ve also decided to push back the Kickstarter into late July/early August to better warm up ourselves and deliver even more out of the Kickstarter and SETVR’s app development!

Here’s a look at our latest updates:

  • Improved history portal attacker (smoother state transitioning)
  • Added quality of life updates like walls so that you can’t karate chop through buildings
  • Alley attacker now has internally tested improved fight system with over 10 animations 
  • We’ll be starting up a testing pipeline as we get into June

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As SETVR’s development continues, how does taking a stroll through a demonic forest full of magical magitek and roses sound to you? Let’s see what the Rosett team has been up to! 

**Disclaimer: Rosett’s development team does not reside in a demonic forest nor are they in danger of being attacked by plants and roses. We love them and would only give them real roses**


Rosett’s development continues to make major milestones in both the writing and art teams! We’re also ramping up our asset development and showcasing a first glimpse into our Rosett animations!!! Be sure to check out our socials to bask in all the flowery goodness, but here’s another glimpse of our rosebud hero himself – Romeo Dusk!

Rosett aims to have a distinct, 2.5D art style as we immerse you in its world of magic meets science. 

Romeo, our budding hero that thinks he can handle everything on his own, is going to learn a much-needed lesson in heroship as he bears against the thorns and other dangers of the forest just outside the Kingdom he resides in – The First Capital. 

Journey through the forest as you save citizens, recruit followers, and meet a beautiful prince that only makes you grow flowers in your stomach as you fight for the future of your kingdom. 

While we’d love to reveal more of our bouquet – we’d like to leave you with one rose, one devlog at a time. It gives us time to bloom – giving you the best of what’s to come! 

Some of our updates include:

  • Worldbuilding and main story development
  • Animation development
  • Art development
  • Rosett Landing Page Launch

We’ve also just launched Rosett’s landing page where you can read more about the game! Check out the link below or above!

Rosett Landing Page

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Rosett Instagram 

DVNC – Bridging Realities

With all of our games currently making great progress, it’s clear to us that our workshop method has been able to help both our creatives and developers to create games that showcase their own unique backgrounds.

The workshop method allows all our creatives to add their unique, personal touch to all that they create. Musicians, animators, writers, artists – each creative houses their own talent that stems from their experiences.

Modern games sometimes fail to grasp that. But we wish to bridge that gap, and use the workshop method to help gamers see themselves in the games we make. It’s already working great for our creatives, and we hope you see a little bit of yourself as you play our titles. This is how we see games, our games – bringing people together.

That’s all for our May newsletter/devlog folks! We’ll see you next month – happy gaming!

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