This week

So after a little bit the developer of ORK framework responded to my post on if there was a way to have the combatants switch groups and still have the Inbattle be set as true. He said, “Leaving a group also leaves the group’s battle group, which causes the combatant to be removed from battle”. So in other words what I wanted to do was not possible. I had to devise a way to make switching the Inbattle to true not move the combatants in unexpected ways.

After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with a way so simple that I wished I came up with it earlier. I just saved the transform of the game object the combatant was linked to, then switched its Inbattle to true, and then made its current transform into the saved transform. With that done it seemed like everything except adding the animations was done and before I did that I wanted to test for any bugs and I found a few.

One is that the first combatant that switched to the boss’s group gained a battle hud. At first, I had no clue how to fix but after looking around a bit I found I just needed to add a status requirement to the enemy battle hud that the combatant can’t be a combatant type of Boss fan. The next bug fix was that the speaker fan would not move. This one I had to get some help to fix because I thought I was just some code added by someone in a script in the update function to fix the speaker to a spot. This was not the case though because after looking around with help we found that it was a tween in the animation window that caused the speaker to be fixed in one spot.

The last bug I fixed was allowing Gackle the reentertain combatants that started on his side but switched to Otto’s side. This bug took a bit to even figure out what was causing it. At first, I thought it was just something in the events in ORK framework but after multiple tests figured that was not the case. I then decided to look through my scripts and sure enough, that was where the bug was happening. For some reason that I still don’t know after the combatant switched to Otto’s side, it was not classified as a part of the Player’s group even though I switched it to be. So I just changed the condition to check if it was in the player’s class or Gackle’s class. 

Plans for next week

The plan for next week is to fix the last 2 bugs in the boss bout. Also, I would like to finish most if not all of the implementation of new tutorials for player movement, dialogue interaction, item interaction, and bosses.

This weeks media

This week’s media is the movie Knives Out. I wanted to watch this for a while and never got the chance till now to see it. The movie is about a detective that was hired to solve the death of a Father in a family where everyone in the family is a suspect of foul play. I really liked the movie and hated how the first suspect I had was it but I changed my thoughts throughout the movie.

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