Dev Log #10 – Jack Heyen

This Week:

This week has been focused on wrapping up my term at school while working within DVNC. With finals ending and move out planned, I’ve found myself bouncing around between responsibilities. This week at DVNC however was continued to be focused on documentation aspects and plans to remain the same in the coming time. I am working on quant based marketing which is relative to scaling how impactful different forms of marketing can be, how expensive they are, how much effort and so on.

Next Week:

This upcoming week has the same focus, as I am currently revising and continuing on with my documentation aspects. I am heavily focused on revamping the current Quant documentation towards a larger scale than solely one DVNC project. My focus is to strongly evaluate every form of marketing and see what suits each project best and then starting to take the proper steps toward reaching those objectives. Otherwise, it is just the continuation of other works and wrapping up this school week and settling in back home.

My Choice Of Media:

My media of choice this week is a game named Ark: Survival Evolved. It’s a game I am yet to play but heavily enjoyed watching, and it is something I hope to try in the upcoming future. It’s mainly a survival game with dinosaurs and with my crew of friends feels like it would be a very fun time. It’s worth noting though the game is known for being extremely buggy so it’ll be an interesting time balancing that out.


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