This Week

The battle animation is finished now. Now every move of every character in Otto’s House should animate correctly. I thought I could finish it earlier; however, there was some character documentation inconsistency, so I had to stop the work and confirm if I was doing the correct thing.

As I am looking back on the last week’s work, it doesn’t seem to be large and complicated; it was just some maneuvers on what’s already there. However, it did take me a while to make them work properly. For instance, I was following the animator pattern that was already there when I was fixing the animators until I found out that most of the animator variables and connections were not used at all! I had to go back and delete those unnecessary things just because they were too confusing. It reminded me of one of the battle events that I was dealing with. It took me hours to figure out that there were two events of the same name and the one I was editing was the abandoned one. I mean, DELETE THE ABANDONED WORK!

Next Week

I will be updating the tutorial sequence in the game. I am kind of worried since Daye’s gonna be gone for the week, so it would be hard to get the assistance.

I thought I could get rid of the battle menu thing forever, but I was too naive. I have been trying to add the keyboard control to the joke menu. It seems so simple, but it is a huge pain in the butt. First of all, Ork doesn’t handle the menu control properly. Second, every time I made some changes, something irrelanvent broke. I started to suspect that it 



As someone interested in making games, it is important to explore all of the game genres. I have never played any MMORPG games before because this type of game is time-consuming and requires you to keep up with events. After watching some of the gameplay of FF 14, I decided to give it a try (Why not WOW? Well, just take a look at Blizzard).

As I was super hyped and trying to start the game, the game crashed??? I went online to search for the solutions and it seemed to be a common problem that a lot of players had faced. Guess I’ll have to find a time to try those solutions. It feels weird when you are a game developer, especially when you are complaining about the bugs in other games (Fixing your damn game! Wait, I haven’t finished fixing my own).

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