Dev Log #10 – Theresa Merritt – Art Tasks

Last Week

Last week I mostly worked on the draft of the brand guide and created a few draft ads for the company’s new service. After meeting with Vince last Wednesday, these tasks have been put on hold as I will be taking on a new set of tasks.

This Week and Next Week

This week, I have been tasked with drawing the character Romeo from Rosett. This is a way for me to learn how to draw the characters as well as how to replicate Rosett’s distinct art style. Here is a WIP:

On Monday, Nicole and I met with Ameya to discuss the project Rosett. We learned a lot about the story and gameplay ideas the team has so far and shared our thoughts with him. I will be meeting with Nick later today to discuss the character style guide and style documentation for Rosett.

Next week, I will be drawing Julian and an environment from Rosett. Vince provided me some references so I will be looking those over as I work on these drawings. Once I share them with staff to be reviewed, I will then move on to my next set of tasks. This includes planning out a list of Vertical Slice art/animation assets.

More Music this Week

I’m going to be honest here. I’ve been struggling with keeping myself focused over the past few months. I’ve been searching for new playlists to help. I have a few playlists that I normally go to, but they haven’t been doing the trick recently. When this happens, I just have to find something new to shake things up. I came across this one yesterday evening, and I know what you’re thinking based on the title of the video. I promise you it actually keeps me focused on what I’m doing. 😅

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