Last Week

Last week was spent researching game jams and how to host them. I have done many game jams in the past, but I have always been on the participator side, never the host. DVNC asked me to create a doc with all of the game jam information they could ever need, from organizing to promoting to budgeting to supplying food at in person jams. I am finishing up the doc now and hope to have it done by tomorrow. 

Next Week

Along with the Game Jam doc, I have also been working with Vince to get me into the Rosset Unity project. After installing GIT and SouceTree I have finally got the project up and running on my computer and am ready to hope in and start working. My tasks are going to be level design/gameplay programing and I am very excited to get started.

Weekly Media

This week I have got back into Psychonauts 2. I played the first game many many years ago when I first got my computer and absolutely loved it. When the 2nd came out I started it but ran out of time to play it much very early on. Just this week I picked back up the game with the intention of finally finishing it and it is amazing. If you like 3D platformer/collectathons with fantastic environmental storytelling please play this game. Not to mention it is a masterclass in level design, and a labor of love from the developers.

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