Dev Log #11 – Brandon Crespo –

This week

This week I was not able to do much. I fixed one of the bugs with the boss bout which caused the combatant that switched back to its own side to moonwalk and flips the wrong way. After a few tests, I figured that it may be similar to a bug that caused the combatant to warp under the stage. When I realized that flipped the combatant every time it moves back to its own side.

The next bug I have yet to fix. I have been trying a ton of ways to fix it through the ORK Framework with no success. With this, I am now trying to just create a new script that can be used by all bosses and Otto to detect what side all the combatants are to determine if the player wins or losses.

Plans for next week

The plans I have for this week is to implement the tutorials that were assigned to me. Also, add the animations to the fans that hopefully will go smoothly.

This weeks media

This week I started watching the third season of The Boys which is only 4 episodes in so far. This show is an amazon original and I genuinely think the show is fantastic. It is about a group of people without superpowers going against a multi-conglomerate company called Vought and their superheroes called “The Seven” to expose the lies that were covered up. This show is gory, explicit, and overall just a fun watch to go through.

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