Dev Log #11 – Jack Heyen

This Week:

This week has marked the end of the majority of the documentation stage. With returning home and have fully settled back into life here with new objectives and goals, my focus at DVNC has transitioned back into a more direct documentation focus.

The documentation framework established will be used to set up marketing strategies as it values different methods for growth and weighs it against aspects such as costs, effectiveness and other important factors.

My Plans For Next Week:

My plans for next week have been outlined well, with a focus on exploring different forms of marketing. The main goals of this week and most likely the ongoing weeks will be to solely grow both the DVNC and SETVR Twitter accounts. 

This is planned to be accomplished with a collection of a few different strategies and tools, and will factor into the documentation established prior. The hope is to continue to grow the media accounts while experimenting with both existing and new forms of advertisement to lead into a consistent routine and rate of growth.

My Choice Of Media:

My choice of media for this week is a game I have recently returned too and have come to enjoy once again. Despite it having a tremendously challenging start, the game and community for Battlefront II over time managed to put together a solid game that even now has an active player-base and is far better off then it was at the start of launch.

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