This Week

I’m really getting into writing work this week! I tend to work later in the week so I don’t have any specifics to report on just yet, but I’ve been assigned a write-up for the history of Rosett’s story world. This pertains to major events that lead up to the time the game is set in and power shifts within that time, just to name a few. I’m excited to get started on that as I haven’t had time to write all that much in the past few months and I’m starting to get rusty!

Aside from Rosett, I’m set to read the Monochrome Story Bible in preparation for my meeting with some of the Monochrome writers. We’re going to discuss the ending of the game, and, after having read the script I’m looking forward to that. 

I finished the Rosett planning docs and timelines last week, but now I have to basically replicate them and offset the dates by a few months for another set of docs. I’ve also been given some new marketing work I haven’t been able to get started on just yet as it’ll take some research first.

Next Week

By next week I’ll have submitted some of my writing work so I hope to get feedback on that and continue polishing it. I’ll keep working on the marketing stuff as well, as I expect that to take much longer. 


My roommate has been recommending this game to me pretty much since I met her, so I decided to actually watch a trailer for it this week. It came up again last night when we were talking about some existential things, so I was reminded recently. 

Soma is a sci-fi horror game, and as far as I can gather from the story trailer it’s about preserving human memories or allowing human beings to live on longer. I could be completely off-base with that, but it definitely seems interesting. I haven’t played too many horror games but I enjoy horror movies, so I’ll be looking to pick this game up eventually.

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