This Week

This week was spent moving around between a couple of projects. First I finished up the Game Jam documentation and got it implemented into Coda. Next, with the help of Vince I got set up inside the Rosset Unity project and got started working on a level. Git and SourceTree were a hassle as always but I managed to fix it. And lastly I had a meeting with Brooke to get started on some sequencing guides for Monochrome.

Next Week

A lot of my time this coming week is going to be spent working on the Monochrome Sequencing guide. There is a lot of work that must be done regarding documenting player pathing, collisions, collectables, NPC’s and more. When I finish with this I will move back into Unity and continue work on developing a couple of test levels for Rosset.

Weekly Media

The Boys Season 3 just came out. They dropped the first 3 episodes a week ago and are now releasing weekly for the rest of the season. The first two seasons of this show were absolutely incredible, definitely making it one of my favorite shows in a while. But this season has cemented it there. So far its been absolutely diabolical. Give it a watch. 

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